Adzick Field Project Overview

The plans for Adzick Field will transform it into one of the premier high school multi-sport facilities in the area. The Adzick Field project will reach far beyond Clayton High School students alone. It will be a great asset for the children, college students and seniors in the community, and will be enjoyed by all for many years to come. 

Several options for Adzick Field were studied, and ultimately the Board of Education gave approval to move forward with a full synthetic turf replacement. This option will address the current issues of grading, drainage and irrigation and will allow the field to be a multi-sport facility. It will also allow for a 25 percent increase in usage.

The plans include the following enhancements to Adzick Field:

  • Fencing: the majority of the field fencing needs to be replaced. New fencing will improve the slope of the field and the short geometry of left field.
  • Safety Netting: new netting will protect the players, spectators and patrons of Shaw Park.
  • Backstop: the current backstop design reflects a municipal level of play. To enhance the professional feel, a 30” backstop wall and padding will be added.
  • Dugouts: currently, the dugouts are not in the correct location. New dugouts will be built at a preferred location to improve the proximity to home plate.
  • Bullpens: the proposed bullpens will be located on the first and third baselines and include soft-toss for batting practice and protection of the athlete using the bullpens.
  • Seating: the quantity of spectator bleacher seating is inadequate for tournament play. The amount of seating would be increased and would be located in an optimal location for viewing of multiple sports.
  • Batting Cage: the current batting cage needs to be replaced. The proposed batting cage is a two-bay design with concrete foundation and synthetic turf inlay.
  • Lighting Upgrades: new LED lighting would be added to the existing light poles.
  • Scoreboard: the existing scoreboard is deteriorating and needs to be replaced. The proposed scoreboard would be programmable for maximum customizability for use with other sports.
  • Press Box: currently, there is no press box, concessions or restroom at Adzick Field. A press box would accommodate concessions, a restroom and secure location to store equipment.
  • Entry Gates: entry gates would be added to provide a clear path of travel for spectators.