Reunion Planning Guide

Are you planning your class reunion? Below are answers to frequently asked questions and tips for planning your upcoming reunion. For further assistance or questions, please contact Karen McBride at (314) 854-6014.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who plans the reunion?
Typically, the reunion coordinator is the person who was elected class president senior year. Often the reunion coordinator will put together a reunion committee comprised of classmates to help with the planning and coordination of the reunion.

Are reunion classes provided with funds to help pay for their reunion?
At this time, funds are not provided to reunion classes to help pay for their reunion. However, items like printing can be run through the School District of Clayton's print shop for a lower cost than retail outlets. Also, the CHS Quad and other District building spaces can be rented free of charge. The District's food service provider, Chartwells, has also worked with reunions to provide food and beverages at a discounted price.

How should the reunion class handle money?
Typically, the reunion coordinator will set up a checking account in the class name and will add the reunion committee members to the account. Another option is to set up a PayPal account to accept credit cards as a form of payment for the reunion activities.

How can I contact my classmates?
The Alumni Association & Foundation website has many great features to help reunion coordinators reach out to classmates. Please contact Karen McBride to be set up as a reunion coordinator for your class. Once your account has been updated, you will have access to email your classmates and post and edit information on your class page. You can also request a class list in excel format or mailing labels.

When should our class reunion be held?
Anytime that works best for your classmates. Work with your reunion committee and poll your classmates to determine what time of year and dates work best. Some popular reunion dates are:
  • The weekend of the St. Louis Art Fair (usually the second weekend in September).
  • The weekend of the Annual Alumni BBQ and Homecoming festivities (usually in late September or early October).
  • The weekend after Thanksgiving.
What hotels are located in Clayton?
Below is a list of hotels and contacts. Many hotels will allow reunion classes to reserve a block of rooms that are offered at a discounted rate. Make sure to ask the hotel representative what their discounted rates are.
What locations around Clayton work well for hosting reunions?
Below is a list of locations around the Clayton area that other reunion classes have used to host their reunions: