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The Clayton Education Foundation celebrates the accomplishments of Clayton alumni and educators through it’s biennial Alumni Hall of Fame. Our alumni are pivotal in helping to advance the School District of Clayton’s culture of educational excellence.
The Clayton Education Foundation provides innovative learning opportunities for Clayton educators and students through grants. We support the District’s commitment to develop leaders who shape the world through independence, creativity and critical thinking.
The Clayton Education Foundation brings alumni and the community together - through events, by sharing news and making connections. Your involvement helps us be a sustainable resource that supports innovative learning opportunities for Clayton students.
The Clayton Education Foundation assists the School District of Clayton in providing a rich and rigorous learning environment that inspires Clayton students to love learning and embrace challenge. Whether students become scientists, IT professionals, lawyers, journalists or teachers, they need to be proficient in skills to succeed in our dynamic digital world.

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2017 Alumni BBQ
More than 200 alumni and their families, along with current and past faculty, came to cheer on the Greyhounds while enjoying the food, drinks and company at the 27th Annual Alumni BBQ on Saturday, Oct. 7.
Turning A Passion Into A Career
Nate Litz (’06) has always had an interest in the culinary arts. From a young age, he spent time in the kitchen with his mother, learning recipes and helping her cook. His interest had always been more of a hobby, until recently. What started off as a quest to create the perfect hot sauce quickly turned into a unique business concept.
Alum Wins Prestigious Broadcasting Award
Nate Gatter (‘14), a junior at the University of Missouri, was the winner of the Jim Nantz Award for the nation’s Most Outstanding Collegiate Sportscaster for 2017. This is only the third time since the award’s inception that it has been bestowed upon a junior student.
Legos Help Enhance Curriculum and Classroom Environment
Legos at school? Isn’t that something children should play with at home? Not if you’re in fourth grade at Captain Elementary. Lisa Hehner, a fourth-grade teacher at Captain Elementary, received a grant this year from the Clayton Education Foundation for Lego bricks to enhance the classroom curriculum.